A Long Leash Will Revolutionize Your Walks

May 22nd, 2023


by Niko Brougher, KPA CTP

A long leash (or a long line) is simply just an extra long leash. They range in size from 10 to even sometimes 50 feet. There are 5 key features to using a long leash that could revolutionize the way you walk your dog. 


1. Off leash…? Nope, just a longer leash
While some dogs are safe off leash, it can take time and training to get there. Until then, what can we do? Use a long leash! We all wish that we could let our dogs off leash to run free on the beach or explore the hiking trail at their speed (I mean can’t there be a happy medium between sniffing the same bush for 10 minutes and dragging you to that random leaf in the middle of the trail?!) But off leash isn’t always fun and stress free nor is it an option for every dog. Using a 15+ foot leash is great for adventures! It gives you and your dog the ability to move together without slowing the beach walk down or dragging you the whole hike.


2. No strings attached… well maybe one
Chances are your dog wasn’t born with your walking pace built in. Dog’s naturally walk much faster than us, which can cause issues when they are stuck to us on the end of a rope 6 feet or shorter. Dog’s weren’t born to walk in a straight line right next to you, and if they had their way (which they might already) they would walk in a zigzag pattern following their nose. Our trainers at Training Spot and many of our clients use a 10 foot leash on daily walks. A 10 foot leash gives our dogs the space to move at their natural pace, and in their natural way, without getting in our way on a normal neighborhood walk.


3. Wait, are they having fun?!
Believe it or not our dogs don’t really enjoy pulling despite how much they do it. Pulling can be uncomfortable, exhausting and frustrating. Imagine always being just out of reach of the thing you really want, infuriating!! You may notice that once your dog is able to move at their own pace, there is a significant drop in pulling. Long leashes eliminate much of the need to pull, making walks much more relaxing for you and your dog(s).


4. Wait, WAIT…  AM I HAVING FUN?!!
The biggest change I noticed when I started walking my dog on a 10 foot leash was that I was having more fun. I no longer felt like the sidekick to my dog’s epic adventure around the neighborhood, I felt like a participant. It made it so much easier to enjoy the precious moments with my dog on our walks because my dog had room to be a dog, and I had room to be a human. Happy Dog, Happy Human!


5. Training!
We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to remind you to go train your dog for a couple minutes, we are “Training Spot” after all! Long leashes are a great way to practice your dog’s ability to respond at  distance whether you are practicing recall, or stay. A long leash can help you get to your goals safely. We encourage you to practice your dog’s skills on a long leash before getting rid of the leash all together.

If you want to work on moving the leash out of the picture, follow THIS LINK to find the right service for you!


I remembered one more important thing. While long leashes are an incredible tool, sometimes a 6 foot leash is the better choice. Here are a few things you may think about before clipping a long leash to your dog:

  • Are my dog and I going somewhere that it is safe for them to be 6 plus feet away from me? 
    • Walks on busy sidewalks or near big roads are good times to use a shorter leash that keeps your dog closer to you.
  • Am I worried that my dog might pull me down? 
    • If you have a big dog, especially one who is easily triggered or prone to lunging on a leash, a long leash may be something you reserve for big open spaces or after learning to manage the leash safely. 
  • Do I feel comfortable managing the extra leash? 
    • Knowing how to hold and maneuver a longer leash is an important skill that keeps you from being dragged down and the leash from getting tangled on you or your dog. 


If you are interested in learning more about how to safely use a long leash in everyday life check out our 30 minute private lesson focused on using a long leash and Sniffaris.