Willamette Valley Canine Convention

October 19th, 2019

by Jennifer Slater

When I was a little girl I gobbled up the book series “All Creatures Great and Small”. For those of you who haven’t read the series, it is an autobiographical story about a country vet in Northern England in the thirties and forties. The stories were real portrayals of the joys and heartbreaks of his occupation set in an idyllic setting. I just knew that was the life for me.

Fast forward three decade, a couple of college degrees and many occupations later, I am finally working full time with animals. Granted, it is in the idyllic setting of the Pacific Northwest and not the UK, and I didn’t have the where-with-all to go to Veterinarian school, but still, it’s a good life.

I have been boarding and providing day care for dogs at my home for the past two years now. I fumbled upon this occupation after providing foster care for a local dog rescue. Of all of the things I have done in my life, never have I felt so fulfilled and so busy. My days are full of fetch, dog hair, treats, walks, and dog kisses. They are also full of bodily fluids, dogs that become a part of your family passing over the Rainbow Bridge, and helping dogs and their families overcome issues.

I take my job seriously. One of the first things I did was become Pet First Aid and CPR Certified. The next thing I did was get as much training as possible. I took classes at Training Spot, and then enrolled in Pet Biz’s “Dog Walking Academy”. I have been immersing myself in books and articles on Positive Reinforcement trainings and belong to every pet sitter Facebook group imaginable.

Still, questions come up every day from my clients, what vet do I recommend? What trainer? What groomer? What about raw food and supplements? I was not prepared for how invested my clients were in the dogs’ well-being. This is how the Willamette Valley Canine Convention was born.

The WVCC will have a little bit of everything for local dog lovers and pet professionals. Not only will there be five hours of presentations for some of the best Positive Reinforcement Trainers in the areas, but dozens of local businesses will be there to help guide you through any service or product you may need.

I am so excited about the response the Willamette Valley Canine Convention. I mean, what is better than a bunch of dog lovers in one place? Hope to see you there!

The Willamette Valley Canine Convention is October 19th at Training Spot, 90 Lawrence St. in Eugene, OR.

For more details and tickets visit Willamette Valley Canine Convention