Behavior Consultations

Our veterinarian recommended behavior consultants and certified trainers are known throughout the community for expert behavior consultations. Evaluating the whole dog to help families develop training plans individualized to their specific behavior goals and home environment.  

Behavior Consultations are ideal for dogs with:

  • leash reactivity
  • generalized anxiety (e.g. frequent barking, inability to relax or settle down, shaking/trembling, pacing)
  • fear
  • aggression towards people or animals
  • excessive barking
  • noise sensitivity
  • hyperactivity (inability to relax or settle down)

Our Behavior Team is committed to:

  • Effective, evidence-based techniques supported by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB).
  • Positive, reward-based, force-free methods.
  • Helping you set achievable weekly training goals so you and your dog learn faster.
  • Working closely with you and your family to evaluate your dog’s behavior problem.

Schedule an Initial Behavior Assessment to discuss training options and choose the best program for you and your dog. Initial assessments are conducted by our Behavior Team online via zoom and are 45-60 minutes and $135. Your certified trainer will gather a behavioral history, assess your dog training goals, implement a management and safety plan, and recommend a dog training program to meet your goals. Every dog is unique, we are here to help.

Personal Behavior Consultation

Work one-on-one with our Behavior Team to develop a behavior plan specific to you and your dog’s training goals.

4 Personal Sessions | $665
60-75 minutes per session

6 Personal Sessions | $980
60-75 minutes per session

3 Week Program | $2,140
4 Personal Sessions + Home School

5 Week Program | $3,240
6 Personal Sessions + Home School

Group Behavior Program

Group dog training designed specifically for dogs who experience fear, aggression, and/or anxiety. 

Behave101 | $185
6 Week Online Class

Behave201 | $315
6 Week In-Facility Class

Group Behavior Program

Whether you have stopped walking your dog for fear of what he will do on leash, your dog is too scared to leave the house, or you just want to stop your dog from barking at other people, bikes, or dogs on leash, our behave program teaches you how to change your dog’s behavior. Start with our 6-week virtual Behave101 group class, upon completion you can then schedule a 30 minute in-facility assessment to determine if you and your dog are ready to progress to in-facility classes.


Any dog can take this 6-week online course!  Our clients have LOVED this class so much we decided to make it permanent. A great first step to in-facility classes or private lessons for dogs and pet parents who need a quieter environment to start their training journey.

Join our behavior team for 6 weeks of learning to find out why your dog is reactive or fearful. Learn safe leash handling skills, how to build a better relationship and confidence with your dog, relaxation techniques, stay, leash walking, recall and more!


  • Online Group Class
  • 6 sessions, 50 minutes per session
  • Cost: $185
Class Schedule


Take your training on the road and join us for this 6 week in-facility small group class to continue learning how to relax around unfamiliar dogs, loose leash walking, stay, recall, impulse control, and more.


  • Prerequisite: Behave101 and a 30 to 60 minute Training Assessment or instructor approval.
  • 6 sessions, 50 minutes per session
  • Cost: $315
Class Schedule

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