Is Your Dog Causing You Stress?

Understand why your dog is misbehaving and avoid embarrassment when your dog:

  • Barks and lunges at other dogs, people, bikes
  • Prevents you from having friends and loved ones over
  • Is anxious at the vet, in the car, at home
  • Fearful of new places, people, sounds
  • Aggressive towards people and/or animals
  • Barking excessively causing stress at home

Training should be fun and easy for you and your dog:

  • Positive, force-free methods that are fun for everyone in your family.
  • You’re not alone. The Training Spot family, including a Client Care Coordinator, Certified Dog Walkers, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, and Trainers are here to guide you every step of the way.
  • Achievable weekly goals so you and your dog learn faster.
  • Effective, evidence based learning recommended by the AVSAB.

Schedule a personal behavior consultation and work one-on-one with a certified trainer or sign up for our group behavior program.


Step 1: Schedule an Initial Behavior Assessment

Step 2: Meet Virtually With Your Trainer
During this 60-75 minute virtual session, a veterinarian-recommended certified dog behavior consultant, licensed family dog mediator, or certified trainer will gather a behavioral history, assess your goals and environment, implement a safety plan to give you and your dog immediate relief, and recommend an individualized plan for you and your dog.

Step 3: Implement Your Personal Behavior Plan
Work in-home, in our facility, or in TBD locations with your certified dog trainer guiding you and your dog every step of the way.



Group dog training designed specifically for dogs who experience fear, aggression, and/or anxiety. 

A great first step for dogs and pet parents who need a quieter environment to start their training journey. Whether you have stopped walking your dog for fear of what he will do on leash, your dog is too scared to leave the house, or you just want to stop your dog from barking at other people, bikes, or dogs on leash, our behave program helps you learn how to change your dog’s behavior.

5-week instructor led virtual class


Call 541-357-PETS (7387) or E-MAIL US to get started

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